Yap at a glance: this state is the most intriguing island in Micronesia. It is a land steeped in ancient traditions and fascinating legends. We suggest to visit handmade seaside houses and villages to find ancient stone money discs and stone money banks. Enjoy the local dancing, the marine life and the mangrove forests. And remember: dance is an art form in Yap. Through dance, legends are passed down, history is recorded. Fishing, sailing and weaving are important parts of day by day life. Tuna, dolphins and reef fish are found in abundance. Observing the greatly varied marine life on the reefs. Yap is the world’s foremost destination for seeing manta rays. The many islands within this huge atoll are crowned with natural beauty. The outer barrier reef is punctuated with idyllic sand spits dotted with coconut palms. The high islands in the central lagoon rise into the blue island skies.

Chuuk at a glance: these islands offer beautiful vegetation, migratory birdlife, wild orchids. Go to Chuuk to fishing, to see women waist deep in the mangroves hunting for a special delicacy or men walking the reefs by torchlight at night looking for octopus. Boat makers create vessels. Life here is close to nature and lived in conjunction with the land and the sea. Local carvers are also famous for using beautiful local woods to carve warrior masks and busts. And the Chuukese love stick is part of a legendary practice of courtship unique to this island group. Beautiful lagoon is a major shipwreck site, unquestionably the world’s best shipwreck diving destination. We suggest you to travel by ocean kayak from island to island: this is the best way to understand this corner of Paradise. Outer reefs there is a great variety of fish, both pelagic and reef dwelling, venture near cascading coral walls that stretch into the blue abyss of the Pacific Ocean.

Pohnpei: this host to the nation’s capital has much to offer the visiting nature lover, explorer and hiker. Its peaks get plenty of rainfall annually and this creates more than 40 rivers that feed the lush upper rain forest. Pohnpei’s jagged coastline is intersected by numerous ocean channels that carry nutrients into the vast lagoon and attract marine life. Take your mask and stay into the pure water, to admire coral reefs with their colors, an enchanting experience: sea anemones, soft corals and colorful gorgonian sea. Sharks, sea turtles and manta rays are seen at many sites around Pohnpei. A short boat trip can be made to two neighboring atolls, Ant and Pakin. If you have read Deep Phantom, the James Rollins book, you are involved in the mysterious Nan Madol ruins. You have to visit. “Called the Venice of the Pacific, this manmade city with ocean-filled channels once housed a thriving, royal civilization. Huge basalt pillars form the residences of kings and sorcerers. These remnants of an ancient Pohnpeian civilization are still being studied and explored” says the Tourism Office. But Nan Madol is one of the most mysterious place in the world.

Kosrae has been described as an unblemished garden of flowers, palms and citrus trees. The air is fresh and invites exploration. There are mysterious ancient Lelu ruins (similar to Nan Madol) to visit. “A hike up Kosrae’s famous Mount Finkol called “Sleeping Lady” will take the explorer past a series of gushing waterfalls pouring through Kosrae’s verdant jungle” report the Tourism Office. Paddle a sea kayak or a native outrigger canoe through the vast channels of Kosrae for a truly exhilarating trip into the womb of the marine world. Kosrae is known for its virgin reef and pristine waters, visibility up to 70 meters, and thriving hard coral society. More than 50 dive sites have been identified by local diving pioneers.  Beutiful hard coral gardens give way to plunging walls. Sharks, dogtooth tuna, barracuda schools and other exciting ocean citizens can all be encountered.



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Fly to Micronesia via Guam with United Airlines, Delta Airlines, China Airlines, Philippine Airlines, Korean Air. From Guam to the Micronesia state: Yap (about 1h35m flight), Chuuk (about 1h40m flight), Pohnpei (about 2h30m flight), kosrae (about 3h30m flight).