“Mauri is our way of greeting or saying ‘hi’ to you” says Mr. Anote Tong, President of the Republic of Kiribati, in his official website ( and if Kiribati is like his President, we cannot leave without visit this wonderful country. This is the welcome you find in the home page website of His Excellency Anote Tong: “You have reached the Presidential web portal of the Republic of Kiribati. If you are looking for information about Kiribati in general, you have come to the right place. If you are seeking information on the President or the Government of Kiribati, you are certainly at the right place. You want to see the latest news in government, a press release, a photo or perhaps a speech, you are definitely at the right place. It’s all about being at the right place”. Kiribati is the right place. This is the philosophy of this beautiful land.


Kiribati is an island group in Micronesia straddling the equator and the International Date Line. Kiribati’s 33 atolls are scattered over an area of 3.5 million km². Kiribati saw some of the worst fighting of the Pacific theatre during the Second World War. Tourism is not developed. It has few visitors, but there aren’t many countries where the people are more friendly. Kiritimati (Christmas Island) is a jewel. It received some attention on 1 January 2000 as the first location in the world to experience the new millennium.