Sauvage and to discover. This is Kiribati. This waterworld is for travellers, for people that love exploring and discovering, that love adventure and visit places where very few have been before. “Kiribati will challenge your view of how life should be and show you a less complicated way of living where family and community come first” says the website Because Kiribati is an experience.

Fishing, scuba diving, canoeing, snorkeling and cultural experience. There is an abundance of unexploited marine life, especially in the waters of Line and Phoenix islands. We suggest the blue wild lagoons with white sand beaches, coconut palms and sun, the best sun of South Pacific. Christmas Island, also called Kiritimati, is a fly fishing heaven. This atoll in the northern Line Islands has the greatest land area of any coral atoll in the world. Other attraction is the outrigger canoe races and dancing contests: they are common during festive events. But if you want to enjoy yourself, your partner, solitude and tranquility, your are in the right place. For more informations, we suggest you to visit the website (


The range of accommodation in Kiribati varies depending on which part of the country you are in. For all infos visit the official tourism office website. Our suggestion. South Tarawa the Mary’s Motel and the Otintaai Hotel. North Tarawa: guesthouses and traditional style accommodation (Tabon te Keekee, Biketawa Islet and guesthouses at Abaokoro). Gilbert Island Group and Council Guesthouses: the Outer Islands are the essence of Kiribati and not enough people make the time and effort to visit these remote islands: each of the outer islands of the Gilbert Group have a council guesthouse, standards vary across the group however they are usual a mix of the local style houses known as Kia Kia’s and a open style guest rooms. Kiritimati Island offers a variety of fishing lodges, guesthouses, and motels.

Flight to Kiribati from Fiji. Fiji Airways has two weekly non-stop flights (3 hrs) from Nadi and Fiji has good connections from Australia, New Zealand and others connection from Europe.