Not many tourists visit The Marshall Islands, because they are hard to reach. People think that some of the islands are “no-go” zones having been used for nuclear testing, but they don’t know that the area is enormous and there are over 1.000 islands with ancient traditions that are waiting to be descovered. A tropical wonderland waiting for exploration. So actually, they might be an opportunity for intrepid travelers wanting to avoid the regular pacific paradise tourist trap. More info here.


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Getting to the capital Majuro from Us or Brisbane, Nadi, Nauru, Kosrae or Pohnpei, with Nauru Airlines, formerly called Our Airline. It flies once a week from Brisbane to Majuro. The flight leaves early Sunday morning and stops in Nauru on the way. The trip takes about six hours. Nauru Airlines also flies to Majuro from Nadi, Fiji, once a week. It leaves Nadi each Monday morning.  From Us, flies United Airlines, the only airline flying. Formerly Continental Airlines, United flies from Honolulu to Majuro three times a week.

The domestic airline, Air Marshall Islands (known as simply AMI) is wholly owned by the RMI government. AMI operates regular services from Majuro to several outer islands with small aircraft.