The paradise is under the water. Solomon Islands are characterised more than anything, by the sea that surrounds it. These islands are located within a wider area known as the Coral Triangle.Here, the waters have been nominated as one of Oceania’s 7 natural wonders and described as the ‘Amazon of the ocean’ for the huge diversity of corals and tropical marine life that call it home.

The official website visit solomons give you a lot of informations about the marine life: “Almost 500 species of hard and soft corals have been found to form the 5,750 km2 of reefs. These reefs absolutely teem with life, from titan trigger fish, green and orange neon slugs and superbly coloured sea fans to the full food chain of creatures including large schools of jacks and barracuda, all the way up to the cruising grey reef sharks – they say – The Solomon’s underwater realm provide spawning grounds and migratory routes for 1000 reef fish species, dolphins, rays, sharks, and six of the world’s seven species of marine turtles, to name a few. There couldn’t be a better place to experience the joy and wonder of exploring under the water”.