Four reasons to visit Tuvalu? To lost in paradise, to enjoy the nature, the sea, the way of life in one of best place of waterworld, to forget all your problems, to find yourself and your love.


Tuvalu, with 9 atolls to explore, coral reefs and an abundance of oceanic life, is a “blue dream”, the amazing destination for diving, snorkeling and yachting. “Tours are generally fairly informal and are best arranged once you arrive on the island – says timelesstuvalu – With islands made from coral reef, Tuvalu is a truly inspiring location for Scuba Diving, with big lagoon, reef, ocean and island habitats form part of a conservation area. You won’t find any local dive shops or operators in Tuvalu but most of the hotels will be happy to assist you. On arrival you can rent equipment and they will direct you to the best places to go”. One of the best ways to explore the nine islands of Tuvalu is by chartering a yacht and going island hopping. A good company to consider is Neverland Yacht Charter, they rent yachts and catamarans and will organize excursions around the islands that you visit. If you are interested in fishing, you can also contact Neverland to inquire about a boating and sport fishing excursion. Don’t forget the traditional dance: if you are in need of a little culture, you can head along to your nearest Maneapa (local town hall). Throughout the year numerous traditional and cultural ceremonies are performed. Chat to the staff at your hotel. They will know about all upcoming events and can advise you on where to go and what to wear.


The most popular way to tour around the islands is by motorbike. Bikes are readily available and reasonably priced. Ask your hotel for advice. They may have their own bikes, if not, they will certainly know the best place to go.


From Fiji. The Fijian domestic carrier, Air Fiji, operates between Suva and Funafuti twice a week (Tues and Fridays). See Timelesstuval and Air Fiji.