A legend says that a at the beginning of the time, a young man married a female dolphin. The young man had a coconut plantation  and one day he found out that some coconut trees have been all cut. Few weeks later the same thing happened, and then happened again. He realized that it happens during the full moon. On the next full moon, before sunset he hides in his plantation and he saw the moon was rising from the horizon. At the same time he heard voices of young women and men. They came straight to his plantation and started cutting the leaves normally used for making dancing skirts. The man stood up and shouted at them, and they ran towards the sandy beach. They were completely naked. He followed them and managed to grab one of the young women. The others went straight into the sea, and amazingly they turned into dolphins when they dived into the waves.

woman 2

The man was paralyzed with a beautiful naked woman in his arms. He took this young woman to the village and married her. The couple had two sons. One day the wife got so sick and asked her husband that she wanted to visit her family in the sea. She said farewell to her children and went towards the coming waves. Suddenly she turned into a dolphin and swam towards the school of dolphins waiting some distance away. The most common dolphin in Tuvalu is the Bottlenose Dolphin, which normally swims ashore and in the lagoons. They are the descent of the young man and his beautiful wife.